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Salman Khan Entry in Bigg Boss Marathi 2

As Salman’s entry into the Bigg Boss house on Sunday is set to be a blast for the audience, it will be for the members of the house as well.

Arvind, we see Mahesh Manjrekar taking home members ‘school in Weekend’s innings, but this time Salman will also be seen taking members’ schools.

Salman Khan is going to give some advice to Abhijeet Bichukle in his dubious style in today’s area.


As Salman’s entry into the Bigg Boss house is set to hit the audience on Sunday, it will be for the members of the house as well. Arvind, we see Mahesh Manjrekar taking home members ‘school in Weekend’s innings, but this time Salman will also be seen taking members’ schools. Salman Khan is going to give some advice to Abhijit Bichukale in his ‘Dabangg style’ in today’s area. 

There are frequent litigation in and between other members due to the hassle of interruptions in bathroom duty. Members complained to Mahesh Manjrekar on Saturday that he washed the bathroom with shampoo and washed his handwash. While Manjrekar has also questioned the lack of middlemen in cleaning the bathroom, Salman himself is taking the initiative to find the answer. In today’s area, Mahesh Manjrekar complains to the middlemen about introducing Salman to his family members. After hearing the complaint about intermediaries, Salman says, ‘This is your show, even if it is a show … you should do everything in that house’. 

Salman also explains to them how his image will be created in the audience as he avoids doing housework. ‘Swami Om used to behave like this in Hindi Bigg Boss, I always advised him to be known to you all outside, but … When you come out when you see the way you behave in the house, people will kill you … Shut up ‘But the middleman immediately defended himself and said,’ Nothing like this will happen to me. ‘ So, will Salman listen to this advice given to the middlemen to behave properly in the house, follow the rules and do all the household chores like other members? You will understand this in the coming days. 

Shiv Thackeray, Kishori Shahane, Madhav Devchke, Heena Panchal, Vinaya Jagtap, Vaishali Mhade, Neha Shitole were nominated. Kishore wise and Vaishali Madde came into the Danger Zone

22nd July 2019

Mahesh Manjrekar made a furore about the mistakes made by members in the murder mystery that took place this week in the Big Boss Marathi home.

Who is accused in the verdict, in which an observer gets an opportunity to punish an accused member in his eyes. Tejashree blamed Shiva for violating the rules of Shiva, and if Shiva should apologize to the audience, but in Marathi, the most difficult task during the week is who will go out of the house? Telling this .. Every week a member goes out of the house as well.

Kishore wise and luxurious made Mahesh Manjrekar said that Vaishali Mhade had to move out of the house this week. Abhijeet, Shiva and Veena were very sad to leave Vaishali. Vaishali, Abhijeet and Shiva’s relationship was very special from the first, they stood firmly behind each other. So it was very bad for them to feel bad.

Vaishali told Abhijit that I want to see the trophy in your hand and told Shiva that Dada did not want to leave Abhijeet .. Who will be out of the house next week? Who will become the new captain of the house? It will be interesting to see what tasks will be available to the members.

Mahesh Manjrekar said that two of his family members have come in the danger zone. But this game is such that someone has to go.

Mahesh Manjrekar said, “Your sense of humor, clarity, songs are very much fun. After leaving the Bigg Boss Marathi house, she was shown a beautiful avi of the journey home. Vaishali said, “I have got a very good man in this house. I have given a lot of support to this house, have given me a lot of memories, I am very happy, my decision to go to Bigg Boss house is right,” she said. I shouted “Oh my gold at the concert” and everyone cried.

Aroh asked Mahesh Manjrekar his opinion of each member in two words and asked who appeared in the top 5. Will be in the top 5. In today’s episode, the game of playing emoji by dancing on it was well played … Kishoreitai danced with Shiva on a song that does not bite and it was said by Vaishali. So when Rupali was cheated by a fan in the Chugli booth, Vaishali told Veena and Abhijit that crying is Rupali’s strategy … There was a lot of controversy between Rupali and Vaishali. So, even when Kishori Shahane was cheated by the fan, Rupali called him Bindok …


Who will be nominated next week in Season 1 of Bigg Boss Marathi? Who will save the audience’s opinion? And who will go out? It’s going to be fun to watch.

Big Boss Marathi 4: Bad News! For fans of Abhijit Bichukle

Abhijit Bichukle, the contestant of Bigg Boss Marathi, has been rejected by the Mumbai High Court. July 19, 2019, 07:46 PM

Abhishek Bichukale, who came into the house from Big Boss Marathi Season 2, fans are awaiting when they will return to Bigg Boss house. He was getting the news of Big Boss coming back home from Bigg Boss house. However, Abhijeet Bichukal has not received any relief from the court. The Bombay High Court rejected the bail application of Abhijit Bichukale, who is in the tribunal case. Therefore, he will have to stay in jail for a few more days.


According to reports in Times Now, a hearing was held in Mumbai High Court recently regarding the case of Abhijeet Bichule. Bichule had filed a bail application to get out of jail. Justice The hearing was heard before Sarang Kotwal. At this time, the court rejected his bail application. Because of this, he has to remain in jail because he has not received any bail.
Big Boss’s house He was arrested in a check-in bounce case in 2015. He was arrested by the Satara police on June 21 from the house of Big Boss. In this case, he got a bail on June 22. However, there was a ransom case against him. He was produced before Satara’s first court. At this time, the court did not give him comfort, he had to go to jail.


biggboss marathi 2

Yesterday Vidyadhar Joshi got out of the house from the Big Boss house of Marathi. Today a new captain will be selected at home. 

Bigg Boss today will be entrusted with the task of “Winning the Manor” on the members today. This work will be organized between Kishori Shahane and Shiv Thackeray. 

In which they want to help you build your tower by supporting supporters and keep it alive with the help of the supporters of Manora. And at the end of the campaign, the candidate who will be bigger and better than the other candidate’s tower, the candidate will be declared as the new captain of the house this week. 

There will be brawl and debate among members during the Task. Madhav and Vina will again play a fight during the Task. 

Now it is going to be interesting to see that the Big Boss will be the new captain of Marathi home in Shiv and Kishori … as well as Surekha Punekar He gave advice to all men.

Men should be self-sufficient, learn to cook”. As it turned out, today in the Big Boss house of Marathi, all men are going to cook together, so the women in the house will get relief today. 

And from that point, Surekha Punekarkar has conveyed to all men not to remain untrained about cooking, learn to cook … so that the woman in the house can go out and be able to meditate.

Even if any man is doing any hard work, even then he must have prepared something … appetite If you do, you can eat by yourself.

Shivani Surve will appear again in Bigg Boss house, but…

shivani surve our from bigg boss marathi

The most controversial reality show ‘Big Boss Marathi‘ has a lot of colorful things happening in the second phase. Unexpected things happened in the recently released ‘Weekend War’ episode.

The contestant had the most talk about this season, she left the Big Boss house.

Shivani Surve left the show. Shivani stayed in the discussion even after entering the house. She is also very fan-follow.

Giving health reasons, Shiva left the Big Boss house and then he avoided interviewing the media. However, she can enter the house once again. She has given herself an indication of this. In an interview given to The Times of India, she said, ‘My health has improved but I am not completely satisfied.

My experience with the show was good. The entire team was always ready to help me. If I get a chance then I will go to Bigg Boss house, but if I am fully satisfied then I will take this decision. ‘

Talking about health, she said, ‘I am suffering from clostrophobia (fear of being locked up). So I could not complete this trip. Otherwise, I am sure that this winner will be my winner. ‘

On June 15, Shivani came out of the house of Big Boss and in place of her, Heena Panchal received a wild card entry in her house. In the coming days, Big Boss Shivani will once again give a chance and that opportunity will be accepted by Shivani to see whether this will be auspicious.

First Wild Card Entry in ‘Big Boss Marathi’

Shivani Survey’s exit and Hina Panchal’s entry in Big Boss’s House

heena panchal bigg boss marathi 2

Mahesh Manjrekar has given a strong school to the members of the Big Boss Marathi Weekend, on week-long confusion, quarrels, and tasks. Shivani Surve, who was discussing the debate in the Big Boss Marathi for the very first day, made some confusion for two to three days,

Shivani Swaroop also gave a strong message to Mahesh Manjrekar. Shivani’s Big Boss has come out from Marathi and got the first wild card entry in the house. Hina Panchal’s house has been a promising entry. 

Heena Panchal is an excellent dancer, actress, and model.

heena panchal wild card entry in bigg boss marathi

Mahesh Manjrekar asked Honey, who thought of who reached Grand Finale. She said, ‘I dreamed that both Abhijeet Bichukale and Parag Kanhere brought me to the stage’. That is, Parag, Abhijit, will be in the final. 

She said that I can not see Digambar Naik, Surekha Punekar, Kishori Shahane and Neha Shitole in this grand finale.

It is going to be a surprise to see what will happen in her house, what group she will go, how it will be in her house, and how she can win the audience’s mind.

Big Boss Marathi 2 contestant Vaishali Madela kayaking work with this famous singer

Big Boss Marathi 2 contestant Vaishali M

In the ‘ Big Boss Marathi 2’, you get to see many famous artists from the Marathi film industry. Vaishali Madhe, the contestant, has sung many Hindi and Marathi songs.

Although she has gained popularity as a singer, her desire to work with a legend in her playground is still inadequate today, she told Big Boss in the house of Marathi.

After listening to this question from Abhijit, Vaijas rests for a few minutes. Let me tell you this dream of my life that I do not think it is stuck in my mind. 

But then she says, “There is only one dream in my life, let me work with A.R. Rahman.” Digambar and Abhijeet greet her wishes when she wishes, “Vastu, Thastu.” Vaishali further says, A. I am singing with R Rehman. He wants to sing a music song and record with them. “

Also, when this chat is going on, Vaishali tells about how unhealthy the entertainment field is. She says, “It is such an unproductive field, and can never be done. 

I can call you anytime, tell me, the day I went there, in the morning I got a phone call from the famous singer Ankit Tiwari’s group … He asked me what is scheduled this week? “

We hope that the AR Rehman will be listening and Vaishali will fulfill his dream of singing as soon as possible.

The Title Web: Bigg Boss contestant Vaishali madhe of Punjabi wants to work with AR Rahman 

Chef Parag Kanhere and Actress Rupali Bhosale Love and Friendship Chemistry

Parag Kanhere and Rupali Bhosale friendship and love chemistry in bigg boss marathi
Parag Kanhere and Rupali Bhosale friendship and love chemistry in bigg boss marathi – 6 June – 2019

In the second season of Big Boss Marathi, talk of Chef Parag Kanhere and Actress Rupali Bhosale are being discussed. Especially, the kunkun now seems to be competing with both of them.

In reality, Big Boss is always in the discussion due to the reality show controversy, debate, friendship, and affection. Actor Rajesh Shringarpuri and actress Silk Tipnis got their twists in the first season of ‘Big Boss Marathi’. Both discussions were discussed in a very strong fashion. Now, in the second season, there is a new love box.

This pollen and Rupali have a good friendship since the new day of the new season of ‘Big Boss Marathi’. Rupali and Parag, talking about sitting in the Garden, told each other about their past and personal life.

While chatting with Ruppi Nailpolish, Parag took the bottle and handed him a nail polish to Rupali’s feet. Moreover, chemistry is also seen in home-made Tasks. so now in season two, Rupali Bhosale and Parag Kanhere started being involved in a ‘love story’ between them.


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